ADLAB BAT/CMD source file: a!RUNLIB.bat

(C) Ondrej Sevecek, 2019 -,

CD %~d0

REM We must have the explicit backslash after %SystemDrive% because
REM the CD command does not understand the pure C: which is always
REM contained in the %SystemDrive% variable.
REM The /d switch makes the CD command to be able to switch
REM to another drive/disk even if the current location points to
REM a different one.

CD /d %SystemDrive%\

IF /I "%1" == "-All" GOTO LoadAllOtherLibs
IF /I "%1" == "-Comm" GOTO LoadLibCommonOnly
GOTO LoadAllOtherLibs


powershell -NoLogo -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoExit -File "%~d0%~p0lib-common.ps1"



powershell -NoLogo -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoExit -Command "& '%~d0%~p0lib-common.ps1'; & '%~d0%~p0lib-modifyActions.ps1'; & '%~d0%~p0lib-analytics.ps1'; & '%~d0%~p0lib-utils.ps1'; & '%~d0%~p0lib-buildup.ps1'; & '%~d0%~p0lib-hyperv.ps1'; if ('%1' -eq '-Call') { $expr = \"%~2\"; DBG ('Invoking: {0}' -f $expr); Invoke-Expression $expr }"