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27/01/2014 11:14
DCOM error "Call was cancelled by the message filter: 0x80010002" - may occure when calling a WMI method while the Windows Management Instrumentation service (winmgmt) is not yet running and the DCOM activation operation times out. In my case, this happens immediately after sysprep on a newly provisioned machine where the WMI is still initializing which may take some time yet after a user logs on.
27/08/2013 09:14

When using ADSI and binding to AD or LDS with LDAP simple bind, although referrals are being chased by default, they are chased anonymously. There is no way how to provide credentials for the chased referral according to my investigation. It is the same case with some other LDAP client implementations according to my experience, such as IBM’s, or Jabber and Cisco ASA’s or some NAS devices.