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Category : PowerShell

April 27
How to create self-signed certificate from PowerShell without having PowerShell 5 cmdlets
January 31
Assign RDP server certificate by using PowerShell
July 24
How to disable Windows Admin Center pop-up in Server Manager in registry
August 22
How to disable all existing Windows Firewall rules with a single NETSH command
December 18
The best way how to start PowerShell PS1 scripts
December 18
PowerShell script to automatically correct the client list of DNS servers configured on network interfaces
November 30
Two different Azure/Office365 PowerShell modules for IT professionals
August 29
Enable the Backup (or any other) privilege for a PowerShell script
August 25
How to verify if current user is member of Administrators group
February 24
Example of using DirSync LDAP query modificator in PowerShell
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