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Category : Active Directory and ADFS

December 04
How to remove expired user certificates from Active Directory user accounts using PowerShell
June 16
Behavior or ADFS sign-out redirection specified in wreply parameter
June 14
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-081 released
June 09
PAM AD expiring group membership does not expire effective access
February 24
Example of using DirSync LDAP query modificator in PowerShell
February 02
When Install-ADServiceAccount returns An unspecified error has occured exception and some more internals about gMSA
February 01
How to force network profile redetection with NLA and Windows Firewall
January 29
How to encode unicodePwd attribute with PowerShell
September 08
GPO WMI filters using multiple queries work in AND relationship
August 26
How to get primary domain SID when running under a local user account
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